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I help people overcome anxiety so they can confidently fulfill life's purpose.

Fear and worry attempt to block us from fulfilling our calling and purpose. Justin Banks speaks about how to overcome the anxiety, fears and irrational thoughts that debilitate us. Rather than living in our negativity, Justin speaks about seeing and living with the positives in our lives.


Rather than focusing on the past or our future, Justin puts a focus on KNOWING and LOVING ourselves in the present moment. Justin is an overcomer and a dreamer, and he wants the same for others. He speaks to the person who may have pain and want to turn the pain into power.


Worrying will no longer restrain us. The shackles will be broken and our purpose will be fulfilled.

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About Justin

Justin was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2016. Since then, he has had to do the work necessary to manage his illness, but also use it to find his purpose, which is using his illness to help others. As a fitness trainer, Justin uses fitness to help others manage stress and find their power. As a speaker and creator of the Pain to Power Podcast, Justin speaks on using wellness and self-discovery to encourage growth, healing and joy.


Although Justin’s anxiety disorder has caused affliction, he has fought to turn his affliction into achievement, and now he speaks to others on how to do the same.

Justin's Talks

Talk Topics

The Anxious Black Man

This session will highlight the socioeconomic disparities that block mental health treatment and education for black men in America.


Through research and a first hand account of living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, participants will see how triggers under the umbrella of poverty (racism, classism) have caused black men to be behind in regards to mental health awareness and treatment, causing delays or even restriction with upward mobility in America.

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Be WELL for your WHY

Our personal health and wellness must be prioritized to accomplish the purpose we have been given on this Earth.


This talk emphasizes the importance of prioritizing physical, mental and spiritual health to increase impact and well-being, along with tips to manage wellness in a chaotic world.

Cry on Fertile Land

Our time and hard work should not be put into barren environments, otherwise known as areas that lack development, growth and a harvest of opportunity.


This talk explains what a fertile environment looks like, how to access them, and how to recognize and eliminate areas that do not provide access to purpose.

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"Justin is one of those people that motivates you to be a better person simply with his presence and words of affirmation. He is one of a kind! I wouldn't have gotten where I am on my journey without him."

Lori Carmichael


Connect with Justin

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Phone: 313-986-5511

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